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November 17, 2011


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The stalwart Gazetteer

No mention of the stalwart Gazetteer reporting by your side. Very disappointed...But good take. I interviewed Bill too, but never thought to ask why he was standing on the periphery. I thought at first it was because he was protesting the protest.

All in all, it seems as though the Occupy movement is slowly being or has already been co-opted by union interests. I was quite dismayed to hear talk already of fielding an 'Occupy' candidate for office, since this is a tried and true way of ensuring special interest will take hold of the reins. I wondered at first if this was the beginning of a social anarchists' revolution. But like most things in our nation, this seems like another call for change that will ultimately be swallowed by the status quo.

Bob Conner

It was a delight and pleasure to run into S.G. As for Occupy, there's been a lot of criticism in other towns that the demonstrators don't have a focus or specific demands, but in Albany they do. Keeping the millionaire's tax is a fine issue, much better than anti-hydrofracking, for example. But it's also an issue for the public-sector unions, and even though they're right on this one, it doesn't mean they're right about the more feather-bedding aspects of their agenda.
Keeping the state millionaire's tax also has the advantage of being a bipartisan issue; the GOP does stand in the other camp, but so does the Democratic governor, by far the biggest pol in the state. On the national level, the Occupiers could be co-opted by the Democrats on the tax issue, but in NYS their main obstacle is Andrew Cuomo.


I think its to simplistic to say the Occupy crowd is being co-opted by "Union" interests.

They share many of the same goals as the Tea Party folk. Namely being ticked that the no one has bothered to prosecute any of the giants for banking fraud when there is DOCUMENTED evidence they were promoting it.

They are also calling for a change to the current corporate welfare state that gives federal subsidies to a multi-trillion dollar company like Exxon Mobil & allows GE, one of the highest profit making companies in the world, to pay no income tax.

They both also call into question & want to change the legally judicial fiction that corporations are "people" & thus have a right buying off our elected officials that do their bidding.

But more importantly, we both want government to address our needs...which overwhelmingly right now is not the debt issue, its not the health care issue, its the lack of jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

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