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November 05, 2010


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I'm not sure the GOP sees it in their interest to pass redistricting reform (and by that, I assume you mean a more fair system). A system that better reflected the electorate would reflect one where the Democrats have a big advantage.

It's for that reason the Dems SHOULD support reform because it would benefit them. But Silver is such a control freak that he would never voluntarily give up that power... which is why he opposes all reform in all areas of anything.

That's why I hope the Greens can get a few people elected to the legislature (esp. senate) in 2012, since this is one of their big issues. If they can hold the balance of power, maybe they can push this through... although there's still the obstacle of Silver in the Assembly.


The only people that care about ethics reforms seem to be the media. Mostly because it makes for a juicy story.

We the citizens act all shocked & appalled when corruption is revealed. But nothing ever gets done about it because we the citizens really don't care about it. Why? The majority of us view politicians as crooked anyway.

As depressing as it is, voters traditionally have bigger concerns on their like putting food on the table, getting their kids to school, & who's going to help them when they get sick.

Dan Van Riper

Matthew- When you say "The only people that care about ethics reforms seem to be the media" I assume you mean the corporate media, you know, the usual suspects like daily papers and TV "news."'

An interesting observation that only the corporate media is talking about reform and redistricting. But I wouldn't exactly say that they "care" about these things, rather we should be asking the question why all of a sudden they are making themselves to appear that they care about ethics and fair play.

Remember these two things about the corporate media: 1) they are the voice of the corporations, thus they represent and promote the interests of corporations, not your interests. And 2) they still haven't quit playing that dumb game of "Re-pubs good, Democrats bad."

So we have to ask ourselves why the corporate media is suddenly pushing ethics and redistricting reform. Or to put it another way, why have the corporations ordered their media to promote reform? What exactly are they up to with this latest round of manipulations?

When the voters learn to ignore the corporate media then the voters will start to take interest in such things.

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