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August 18, 2010


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Johannah Turner

Then I'm a Philistine, too, for drek it is.

Bob Conner

No that means you agree with Brickman et al., and I'm the Philistine. I did think it was an actual woman at first, and it had the desired effect of amusing and provoking another look. While that sort of statement/joke is common in modern nonrealistic art and not normally what I'm looking for, in this case I come to its defense.

Johannah Turner

Yes, I see. Confusion due to sleep deprivation. Well, I can't argue that someone else shouldn't enjoy it. I'd just rather see dignified art than whimsical "installations" in any but designated public spaces (e.g., amusement piers). I didn't care for the Christo Gates, either. Gates to what? Orange schmattes littering the Greensward. Olmstead must have rolled over in his grave.

David Brickman

Well, Bob, we like you even if you are a Philistine. As for Christo and Olmsted, I can only say my own experience of The Gates was ecstatic, and I guess Olmsted might have enjoyed the way it drew so many people to his park in the middle of winter.

Tom Hughes

Me philistine too. Me like!

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