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August 04, 2010


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I'm not sure I follow your "e.g." Presumably, most crimes are committed by people relatively close to their place of residence and thus the costs of prosecution would be incurred by those counties.

Bob Conner

I meant crimes committed in prison. At Great Meadow Correctional Facility, for example, they are prosecuted by the Washington County DA.


Uh, the Census workers were instructed to counted the prisoners were they were physically staying at the time of Census Day (April 1) using name rosters, the directions of which is a Federal matter.

That also means if they were staying overnight in like a county jail for some court hearing, they are counted in that overnight jail location.

Bob Conner

Hey Matt, I can see how there is a federal angle, and accept what you say about how the census was done. The intent of the state legislation is to affect redistricting of state and federal legislative districts, which will be done by the state Legislature after the next election. While the redistricting will be based on census data, I guess the new state law will have them adjust it to put the prisoners in their home districts.



I think I see what you're saying.

I'm not sure how legislature expects to figure out where each individual is from. The Census form itself does not ask for their home location, it asks for how many people physically sleep at such & such an address at either 183 days out of the year or if its roughly equal 1 April.

I bring this up because these jury-rigging of the standards would also adversely effect towns that have collegiate institutions. & that demographic is a lot less permanent than prison inmates.

Bob Conner

I haven't studied the bill, but I guess it would not be hard to get info from state Corrections Department regarding the "home" districts of prisoners. Prisoners can't vote in NYS (but can once they are released), so that's not an issue, whereas college students can choose to register either at school or home address.

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