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August 30, 2010


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Johannah Turner

The book sounds trashy and I'll bet the selection process is a little fishy. There is such a thing as intelligent "soft science" literature. Check out the prices of medical textbooks, sometime. In the 1960s or 1970s I stopped in a used medical textbook store somewhere near Bellevue Hospital (a teaching hospital) and the prices of used books knocked my socks off. $100 and more, back then. Can't imagine what they'd cost now.

Bob Conner

It may actually be useful in informing one how potential supervisors may think. Ya gotta talk the language.
HVCC, by the way, is in Troy, where I stumbled today upon this nice mural:
You like that better than the Albany sculpture of sunbathing woman referenced in my post a couple of weeks ago?


The worst is when the professors make you buy something they've written to pad their own sales & never use it for a class.


One of my kids wrote of having to shell out $250 for a Spanish text book. You got off light, it seems.

Bob Conner

Maybe so. I don't mean to bash HVCC, although it does work against the purpose of having cheap tuition if you also have expensive texts.

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