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June 14, 2010


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Terry ONeill, Esq.

This whole parking permit issue is a huge political fraud. I'm not surprised that politicians like Jack McEneny, who doesn't live in downtowm Albany, are playing footsie with the public employee unions on this issue. Parking in downtown Albany is really not much of a problem during the day and we have built plenty of parking for state workers. But in the evening when the real problem manifests itself, McEneny, the Breslins and all the government bureaucrats are parked in the suburbs, not burning up gas looking for a place to park in the city center. That is the real problem for people who live in our city. I'm sick of people pretending to be my hero using this fake permit proposal as their beard.

Bob Conner

Good point. But can anything be done about the evening parking crunch, which I presume is caused by Lark Street revelers?

Jim Flateau

I don't know that the evening problem is the revelers. Maybe a car and a half to two vehicles can be parked in front of most brownstones. Those brownstones which are rentals can have tenants in the basement apartment plus those on three (or more) upper floors. That's at least four apartments and maybe two cars each competing for a maximum of two parking spaces in front of each building. I'm not certain how any daytime parking permit system alters that nighttime math.

Bob Conner

I guess like the BP oil gusher, it's a problem without an immediately obvious solution. Less of one, though.

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