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December 21, 2009


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Hank Simpson

The "pro-choice lobby" is, in fact, a majority of Americans, isn't it?

Bob Conner

I don't think so. Polls have been moving in a pro-life direction nationally, although a lot depends on how you ask the question. New York has a pro-choice majority, but I doubt that applies to Murphy's district.


Interesting you don't refer to pro-war of aggression or pro-death penalty politicians as "supposed Roman Catholics" even though they too stray from Vatican diktats.

Oh wait, I forgot most anti-abortion folks are only selectively "pro-life."


Uh, according to Congressman Murphy's own press statement's, he voted against the House verison of the Health Care bill not because it doesn't cut costs enough as you stipulate. He did so because he was "frustrated by the last minute addition of over $50 billion in taxes on the two largest private employers in the 20th District – medical device manufacturers and paper mills."

This is something I discussed last month:


Bob Conner

He's said more than one thing. But the update on this post quoted accurately from the heading of a recent Murphy mailer: "This bill doesn't do enough to control costs, which is why I voted against it."

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