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July 22, 2009


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After Darrell was shown on the news sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance...his career in the eyes of Northern New York was over. Just another NYC lapdog.


I'm a Democrat who worked to get Darrel elected multiple times, and I for one will support Dede because she is the more liberal candidate. We've always considered her a RINO and quite frankly, I think we can turn her like Specter, not that it matters though since the district will be dissolved in 4 years.


First, it's hardly certain that Aubertine will run. He's been publicly ambivalent about it.

If he does, it will be a RINO vs a DINO. Talk about a great illustration why we need really multipartyism.

Though it is nice that the GOP didn't nominate a far right culture warrior, the penchant for which being the reason why they have virtually no Congressmen in New York and none at all in New England. In fact, the only northeastern Republicans in Congress are moderates (Reps. McHugh and King and Sens. Gregg, Snowe and Collins).

Bob Conner

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-I think McHugh, King and Gregg are at least
mostly pro-life, while Snowe and Collins are not.

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Kymberlie R. McGuire

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