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April 29, 2009


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I thought it was interesting that I got both phone calls and mailers from the anti-abortion group. They may not know my specific positions on abortion issues but with campaign ops fitting everyone into a neat little box, it seems like a registered Green might not be the most logical person to spend resources on... unless there's money to burn, which certainly seemed the case on all sides.

Bob Conner

Hi Brian: Yup, plenty of money.
I'm not sure of your specific positions on these matters, either, although I noted what you said on the Web the other day about wondering "what it says about our country that science is considered part of the 'culture wars', ... -- to which, as you may recall, I responded:
People with my views, e.g. opposing embryonic stem cell research, are often accused of being anti-science, which I deny -- although I do think scientists like everyone else have moral obligations. In fact, I see science, not religion, as the best support for my view that life begins at conception. But whether human life should be protected from that point is up to law and politics, not science.

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Bob, I did note your comment. I didn't respond because I didn't feel any need to. You expressed your point of view. And I found nothing particularly objectionable in it.

My comment was less about any particular policy issue than more broadly about critical thinking and thought processes.


I'm not sure Tedisco could have done much to affect the outcome of this election. Murphy was riding the Obama wave, and all Republicans are pretty much swimming upstream at the moment. The nation has a lot of very serious problems, and this contest pretty much boiled down to a choice between voting for the guy who is on board with the President, or a guy who is a member of the Party of NO. Offering more tax cuts as a solution for every problem and pushing for more deregulation just doesn't sell in these times.

Worse, the demographics of the country are becoming more of a problem for the GOP. There just aren't enough cranky old white people to offset the huge % in the minority and youth voting population. The good news is that this state of affairs offers the Republicans an opportunity to rebuild their operation from the ground up. They need to jettison the message and the modus operandi that was developed under Bush-Cheney-Rove, and get back to being honest conservatives in the traditional sense.

Bob Conner

Up to a point, Gizmo. It's true Obama's stimulus bill presented Tedisco with a genuine dilemma, that the national GOP has overdosed on tax-cut politics and that the financial meltdown is not an argument for deregulation. But I also think Tedisco and the NRCC could have used advice from a smart and successful political operator like Rove.

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