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April 13, 2009


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"Tedisco just told me that he is especially concerned about the military voters in combat zones, because if anyone's votes should be counted theirs should-"

Which implies if military voters cast an absentee outside a combat zone, they shouldn't be counted. I wonder how GIs in Europe or the Pac Rim feel about that. LOL

Bob Conner

It doesn't imply that.

Mark Wilson

What I find peculiar about this request is that the March 30 deadline for postmarking the absentee ballot would not be changed. By implication Tedisco doesn't trust the US military to get its mail back home within a two-week span. Now perhaps in a situation of open conflict where deliveries are delayed, suspended and lost would this be an issue. This combat zone by comparison is far more static, with supply and communication lines wide open. How many votes could we possibly be talking about?


Matt, it doesn't really differentiate between combat and non-combat soldiers, it differentiates between soldiers and other citizens. In addition to Tedisco's hacks disenfranchising Sundwall supporters, BOTH campaigns are challenging every single absentee ballot they possibly can. One article mentioned that at one place on one day, something like 40 of 65 absentees were challenged by the two campaigns. It's not that soldiers are UNIQUELY at risk of disenfranchisement. It's that glomming on to them makes for good PR for a candidate who's always been good at figuring out how to get it.


Since Tedisco has set the precedent that people should be disenfranchised on technicalities of comparable gravity, following that logic perhaps his request ought to be denied since he misspelled the name of Attorney General Eric Holder.

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