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March 30, 2009


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I'm shocked! shocked! (and dismayed)


For those of us who are not in the know, what accomplishments CAN Tedisco or his campaign have taken credit for?

I probably won't vote for him but it doesn't mean that I wouldn't be interested in knowing about them.

Bob Conner

Tedisco for years sponsored a bill to have state lawmakers lose salaries when the budget was overdue (which it always was). While that never passed, a modified lag pay provision, holding up the pay until the budget passes, was enacted with Pataki's support in 1998. Earlier in his career, he got legislation passed re missing children. He also got the Buster Bill passed toughening law on animal cruelty. He's been an early and consistent proponent of the property tax cap, which hasn't passed yet but has picked up bipartisan support. He has also been an advocate of reforming the legislative process, without much success yet. And he has been more pro-business and fiscal responsibility than most state lawmakers, which admittedly isn't saying much.

John Warren (Honestly, that's me - you figure out which one)

So he can't run a campaign, had his lackeys throw the third candidate off the ballot on BS, and doesn't even live in the district, but he's your man?

Now that's good republican thinking.

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