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March 23, 2009


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I know everyone's obsessed with the Congressional horse race but I think this story about Schenectady potentially disbanding its police department and declaring martial law is a pretty big story.

Bob Conner

If it's not being hyped. I looked around about it last night, and Channel 9 was the only source, and I haven't stumbled on anything today yet.



This is where I heard it originally.

You can also just Google 'schenectady martial law' and pick whichever sources you trust.


This local issues thing is kind of interesting. You do want the candidates to address issues affecting people in this area, but you don't want them to get bogged down talking about stuff they'd have no influence over if elected to Congress.

For example, in his interview with Scott Murphy, Mark Frost's first question was whether property taxes in this area are too high. Important issue but one decided by municipal and county leaders, and influenced to some extent by state leaders. Not a federal issue.

Even more egregious was when Frost pressed Murphy to denounce the recently signed GF teachers' contract in particular (which Frost has repeatedly blasted) and teachers' unions in general. Again, not things I take into consideration when I'm voting for a candidate for Congress.

You wouldn't ask a school board candidate what he thinks of the Iraq War. Why would you ask a Congressional candidate what he thinks of a teachers' contract?

Is there something I'm not getting?

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