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March 03, 2016


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Lynda Bablin

I absolutely love that the Milton Town Board has the decency to cut the umbilical cord with the republican committee. These committees do NOT serve the interests of the citizens of the towns they represent. Many decent and very qualified people have been shut out of races largely because they don't have the capacity to mount the door to door signature gathering campaigns that the committees do. The committees REQUIRE their members to go door to door getting signatures for candidates even when those members totally oppose the candidates they are getting signatures for. If they object, they could be thrown off the committee for being disloyal. The process needs to change. No sitting public official or potential public official should be an active member on any committee that will require them to be submissive to the wishes of the committee if they are to be elected. The elected officials are answerable only to the voters who elected them, NOT to the republican committee that endorsed them. At least Milton has the guts to do what they were elected to do and not be beholden to the committees. Other towns, please take notice.

Bob Conner

Good points, Lynda.

Shawn Francis - Malta GOP Committeemen - District 5

True Lynda. It makes sense that if you are on an endorsement committee, you should not also hold public office or hold a job that can influence your vote on the committee that gets to decide who gets the party endorsement.

If this is to happen though, the Republican voter would need to be more informed on just how many of their committeemen are on the committee's because of their jobs.

Voters should think twice before signing petitions carried by people who diregard such an obvious conflict of interest.

Of course, it would help if more citizens would take positions on these endorsement committee's so the establishment can't just have their way regardless of the will of the voter.

Bob Conner

If you guys want these comments to be more widely read, you could paste them over to the Ballston Journal Web site, either as comments on the Milton story there or as letters to the editor.

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