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February 04, 2012


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"Nobody is allowed to put the contrary view, that Komen would be wise to remove itself from the Planned Parenthood connection because that organization is the biggest abortion provider in America, and a lot of people have reasonable moral objections to abortion."

Is it outrage over abortion? Or it it outrage over limiting access to cancer screening? Its something to think about.

I bring this up because the same amount of outrage (if not more) occurred when the Obama administration (it was like 5 or 6 months ago) advocated LESS mammographies were needed than they at the rate they currently are.

But regardless, the Komen Foundation really blew it in how they handled this. They could have quietly reduced & withdrew their donations to achieve their new goals but instead they had to make a spectacle about it & make a public splash, making it some grandiose political statement about it. Sure PP does abortion but those Komen donations weren't going towards that anyway, they were going specifically for cancer screenings. So by making that public decision for political reasons, they lost all creditibility of being at the forefront of women's health issues...& basically got nothing out of it because they quickly reversed their decision upon seeing the outrage.


Matthew: using Bob's logic, perhaps Catholics repelled by the Catholic Church hierarchy's complicity in the pedophile priest scandal should stop making donations to their local parish. Sure, their specific donations may not go directly to legal defense for such priests, but it's all being run by the same organization. If all of PP's activities are morally compromised by its practicing of abortion, then, by logic, all of the Catholic Church's activities are morally compromised by its historical protection of abusive priests.


This controversy (as well as the terribly written SOPA Bill) are great examples of the power of the new media. It was user generated outrage on sites like Twitter & FB that blew the lid off this.

Bob Conner

Komen is no more obligated to keep funding Planned Parenthood than donors are to keep supporting the Catholic Church. I think many have ceased donating to the church because of the pedophile priest scandal. The difference is that the pedophile priests and those in the hierarchy who enabled them are scandalous because they violated the tenets of morality as procalimed by the church and others, unlike the practice of abortion by Planned Parenthood, which is a vigorously defended and promoted part of its official agenda.

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